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11 Sep 2011 
Entourage - The End the Finale series of our favorite HBO TV Show . Watch Entourage Season 8 Episode 8- The End can be watch online on megavideo,videobb,vidxden and
many more streaming site. You can catch back the episode if you missed it. I missed this episode which aired on Sunday September 11 at 10:30 PM ET/PT on HBO and happy found one site which i can watch Entourage The End Megavideo there. It hard to find megavideo link for this episode.

“The End” Synopsis ; After a first date, Vince pulls out all the stops for Sophia. Ari and Mrs. Ari (Perrey Reeves) take a step forward, and a step back, at therapy. Drama, Turtle and Vince try to convince Sloan to give Eric another chance in Season 4 Episode 9 – Haven Lockdown megavideo. This episode directed by David Nutter.

Previous episode titled Second To Last it was too good to be true. And deep down I knew it. I smelled the setup. Of course I predicted it; the “Big Misunderstanding,” a tried and true television trope. Unfortunately, too many people aren’t like me—too many fans like Eric and Sloan together, so if Entourage doesn’t force them back together before the season finale, I’ll eat my shorts. Now then… the execution of said miraculous make-up is in extreme danger of being extremely lame. I mean, if Sloan’s entire decision to dump E was basically, “I’m pregnant and he won’t sign a pre-nup and my family hates him,” then having her just… I dunno… changing her mind
is retarded. Swayed by his desperate words, whatever, it’s not going towork. I don’t care how big a speech he gives. He could give a freaking Brian’s Song speech, and it’s not going to work.

Vince is chasing Sophia (Alice Eve—yep, still British) pretty hard. Breaking down her resistance, stone block by stone block. It’s no shock to say
he’s gonna find his way into her bed; the only real question now is, “Is She The One?” Because Vinnie’s acting like she is, and I have a feeling they won’t go the Sasha Grey route and have her dump him this time.I wish they’d shown more of the movie Vince made for Sophia—the interviews with all his ex-girlfriends. I think Doug Ellin and co. kind of dropped the ball on this. With the right rapid-fire editing, it could have been a blast to watch. And I was extremely curious what these women had to say. Like none are pissed they didn’t win the “Mrs. Chase” prize? They’re all perfectly happy for the one-or-two night stands? That’s a little bit of a sunny Disney ending, isn’t it?

I also wish they’d used Johnny Galecki a little more centrally. He just sort of came off as a mopey sort of window-dressing. Maybe they should have gotten Simon Helberg? He would have at least had something to say.

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